1. This hovered view highlights the curvature of the lake front shoreline and Lake Shore Drive, Diversey Harbor and Driving Range, and Lincoln Park.

  2. Over the summer Andy Fowler and I experienced our first aerial photography tour of the city in a Robinson R44 on what was truly a beautiful day. I’ll be posting the highlights from our aerial portfolio in the days and weeks ahead.

    Being whipped around the city strapped in a 4-seat chopper with the doors off was only slightly terrifying. The fear of missing the shot trumped the unreasonable fear of falling into Lake Michigan. The Portfolio can be seen on my website in it’s entirety HERE

  3. Somewhere in West Town

  4. New life, and new light for that matter, is being generated into Wicker Park’s Northwest Tower, aka the Coyote Building. Recently lights have been glowing throughout the evening indicating that the new interior is well underway. The renovations are being lead by Mexico based operators Grupo Habita which include the 5-story Hollander Fireproof Warehouse next door.

    All eyes are watching the construction of Wicker Park’s most iconic building. I’m sure new photographs will be frequent.

  5. Sundown, Wicker Park

  6. The Chicago Fire Festival failed to excite most of the spectators along the Chicago River last night, the firework finale did not disappoint. Technical difficulties caused by failed ignition switches prevented the 3 floating Victorian-era model homes from burning as planned.

    Andy Fowler and I had a perfect vantage point for the show thanks to Nycole Hampton with Choose Chicago, the city’s official tourism site. While the show did struggle to maintain momentum, I’m sure it will only improve in the years to come.

  7. It may be a little strange that we will be celebrating The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 when our city burnt to the ground, but nevertheless this should be good. Andy Fowler and I will be photographing the event beginning at 6p with a fire spectacle and fireworks between 8-9:30p on the Chicago River. This is a free event, so for those of you in the Chicago area make sure you head to the river tomorrow night.

    Details can be found here at Chicago Fire Festival


  8. Street Photographers need to follow this bus around town.

  9. Book in progress.  Hope to glue this bad boy together one Sunday.

  10. I attended Day 1 of the Smyth Sewn Photo Book Workshop today and received a tutorial on design and layout for my first book, Evolving Wicker Park: Volume 1. We were all given a 25 sheet pack of Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Duo, an amazingly thick fine art photo paper that must be experienced in-person to truly appreciate.

    Printing at this level brings feelings of joy and terror simultaneously. On one hand you get to experience the production of a beautiful, tangible photograph and on the other hand you involve yourself in printer jams, paper tearing, and layers of Photoshop Hell. The frustrations are worth it. Plus the entire process allows you to reflect back and understand how an idea or concept develops and falls into the frame of a camera, to eventually be selected for print, and then sequenced and bound into a book. Cool stuff.

    The agenda for tomorrow will be to fold, glue, sew, and bind (I think). I have no idea what I’m doing.

  11. Chicagohenge, Fall 2014

  12. Evolving Wicker Park Exhibition at Bru Cafe Art Gallery ( @bruchicago ).

    My exhibition will be up at Bru Cafe until October 10th. I have been thrilled to share this project in print to the public. The annual Filter Photo Festival begins this week. Tomorrow I will be attending the Smyth Sewn Photo Book Workshop with photographer and bookmaker April Wilkins. I have selected 16 photographs to include in my initial “dummy” version that I will present to reviewers over the weekend. Aerials, landscapes, house portraits, and Portrait Project will be included in what I will refer to for now as Volume 1.

    On Tuesday we will be printing the images for the book and on the following day we will assemble and bind the prints together. Smyth sewing is a traditional method of booking binding in which a series of folded pages are stitched together to create high quality, long-lasting books.  When my first photo book is complete I will be sure to share the results.

  13. Beach Season Dwindling, North Avenue

  14. The Classic Lady, Chicago River

  15. American, Jackson St